The Thematic Unit of Anatomic Pathology was initiated in 2003 under the department of Human Pathology at the School of Medicine. The Unit is charged with teaching, research and clinical services in surgical pathology and Cytopathology at Kenyatta National Hospital. In addition the Unit is responsible for clinical and forensic Pathology services within the department of Human Pathology. Anatomic Pathology is a broad specialty in Human Pathology that deals with morphological study of disease. The main subspecialties include; Histopathology, Cytopathology and Forensic Pathology. The main techniques used in the study of disease processes in this field are gross morphology at post-mortem; Histopathology on surgical and post-mortem specimens and Cytopathology. Cytopathology supports mainly screening of common diseases such as, infections, cervical cancer and disseminated cancers. while histopathology is the study of tissues in order to confirm, classify, grade and stage these diseases. The common conditions that we see in our histopathology unit include; Tuberculosis, cancers and congenital abnormalities. Forensic Pathology is the subspecialty that deals with the diagnosis and case presentation in court in sudden and expected deaths including medical misadventures. Undergraduates and Postgraduates students learn and acquire skills in general and systemic pathology. The unit aims to equip them with knowledge and skills in four main areas at various levels;

  1. The diagnosis, clinical correlation and follow - up of common conditions using anatomic pathology.
  2. Understanding of the procedures in clinical and forensic autopsies and to be able to notify deaths appropriately.
  3. Understand and ensure quality in anatomic pathology specimens.
  4. Ensure that they understand the objective requesting for various anatomical pathology test.

The Unit hosts the MSC Clinical Cytology course which is a flagship program within the region. This program attracts students from Sudan, Rwanda, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia among other countries.