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Apply for the Nairobi Innovation week- Faculty Hackathon

Are you passionate about innovation and developing ideas to solve society's greatest challenges? In preparation for The Nairobi Innovation Week 2024, register to participate in the Faculties-based Hackathons and learn how to innovate!

 The goal is to prepare students and staff to be job creators instead of job seekers. The top three winning ideas from each of the Faculties Hackathons will get a chance to participate in the final Nairobi Innovation Week competition in 2024.

 Thematic Areas:



·Affordable housing

Did you know there are 48 blood groups systems?

In addition to ABO and Rh, there are 48 other recognised blood types called blood group systems. This was mentioned in a talk by Prof Robert Flower from the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood in a research by his PhD student, Dr Rachel Githiomi from KNBTS. 

The two had visited the department to present their findings and partner with the department in forming a national reference laboratory for blood group and genotyping. The research discovered there are more blood group systems among Kenyan that are not recognized.

Official Launch of the Wondfo UON Training center

In any learning institution, training is a key component in education. The Wondfo-UON training center was officially launched on Thursday, 23rd November 2023 by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, Prof Julius Ogen’go together with the President of Wondfo biotech company, Prof Li, CEO Peng and Vice President Mark Xu.

MLST student awarded Best Presenter Student Research

Congratulations to Beverly Odhiambo, an Medical Laboratory Science and Technology (MLST) outgoing student for carrying the flag of the department high. Beverly was awarded a certificate of award for being the best presenter (student research) in AKMLSO Conference in Mombasa which took place from 10th-13th October 2023

Her research was on Anaplasma detection by PCR-High Resolution Melting using donkey and zebra samples at the Kenya Wildlife Services, 2022 which was supervised by Prof. Nyagol.