Mission, Vision, Core Values


An internationaly recognised centre committed to excellence in teaching, research and provision of Pathology services.


To provide quality education in Human Pathology and related discipline, through Creation, preservation, intergration, transmission and utilization of knowledge in the field of Pathology and related disciplines


To realize the stated vision and mission, the department of Human Pathology aspires to nurture value that are vital to it's mandate. The department is thus guided by the right values derived from moral standards required of proffessionals in Pathology. The department espouses the following core values;

  1. Freedom of thought and expression.
  2. Innovativeness in Human Pathology.
  3. Good Co-operate governance.
  4. Team spirit.
  5. Professionalism in Human Pathology.
  6. Quality Customer Care.
  7. Responsible Co-operate citizenship
  8. Respect and conservation.