MITS Training by Dr Walong

MITS Training at the Morgue

The Department of Human Pathology was privileged to host another set of training from 23rd-27th January 2023 on Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling (MITS), an autopsy technique meant to equip Pathologists, Medical Scientists and Technologist with technical skills that can provide data about causes of death, similar to that obtained through a complete diagnostic autopsy.

The training ran for 5 days, with comprehensive practical sessions done at the KNH Farewell home in the stipulated MITS procedure rooms and debrief discussion sessions conducted at the Teleconference Room by Dr Walong.

The training aimed to provide the 8 participants with practical aspects of conducting the entire procedure in adult mortality cases, pediatric and in placenta tissue sampling to be applied in their individual research project.

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