Neuropathology partnership talks

Brain tumors are one of the most misdiagnosed conditions in the rural counties. Health professionals can improve the situation through establishing partnerships and commitment from County governments in supporting such initiatives.

The Anatomic pathology Unit head, Dr Okemwa and Mr. Francis Wanyama had a neuropathology partnership talks with Neurosurgeon doctors from India led by Dr Sali.

The talks were held at Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi on 9th November 2022 to explore and establish future partnership in the neuropathology field.


Department in partnership talks with Wondfo Biotech Company Limited

Prof George Osanjo, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences headed partnership talks with Mr Jie Xiong of Wondfo Biotech Company Limited together with the Ag. Chairman, Dr Okemwa and Dr Barasa.

The talks included partnership in equipment acquisition and staff training in improving the health services to patients and learning experience for the students.