Hematology and Blood Transfusion Unit


Dr. Fatmah Abdallah


Haematology is  a broad specialty in Human Pathology. The main sub specialties are Cellular Haematology, Homeostasis and Thrombosis, Oncology, Special Haematology and Blood Transfusion.

Cellular haematology supports diagnosis, grading, prognosis and follow - up of common blood disorders such as anaemia and even leukaemias. Special haematology is a subspecialty that supports the diagnosis of special conditions including molecular methods like sickle cell anaemia and leukaemia as well as other malignancies through Fine needle Aspirates of Bone marrows, Cerebrospinal fluids and any other body fluids. Haemaostasis and thrombosis supports the diagnosis of common bleeding disorders such as haemophilia and management of patients on anticoagulant therapies. In this regard the unit houses and supports the Kenya Haemophilia Association. In oncology, this unit is incharge of overseeing the entire discipline of paediatric oncology through weekly clinics for out-patients and management of all in-patients with paediatric cancers at Kenyatta National and Referral Hospital as well as in the whole country and the East and Central Africa region. This exemplified by the Paediatric Oncology Unit in the Hospital which is the only one in the country and the region. In Blood Transfusion we support the appropriate use of Blood and Blood products for all clinicians. The unit also offers technical assistance to the National Blood and Transfusion Services a department of the Ministry of Health in the blood transfusion services in the country.

While rotating with us in the unit, both undergraduate and postgraduate students learn and acquire skills and equip them with knowledge at various levels in the following areas;

  1. To ensure that the students understands the role of haematology in the diagnosis, management and follow up of patients.
  2. To understand the rationale or procedure for carrying out haematological investigations as well as their interpretation in correlation of disease process.
  3. To ensure the student is able to understand quality assurance in haematology.

Academic Program;

The unit teaches the following undergraduates;

1. MBCHB II, III, and IV


3. BPharm III

4. BSN II regular and upgrading classes

5. BSc MLS

The unit teaches the following post graduates students;

1. MMED Human Pathology

2. MMED Obgyn

3. MMED General surgery/Orthopaedic/ENT/Dental

4. MMED Neurosurgery III

5. MMED Peadiatric Dentistry

6. MSC Clinical Cytology

7. MMED Medicine and peadiatrics

The unit also collaborates with other universities in teaching the following students;

1. MSc Haematology students of JKUAT

2. Undergraduates students of medicine and higher diploma in haematology in Kenyatta University.

Research Activities, Members of the units conduct a lot of research within the university and collaborating with other departments within the University as well as others Nationally. It also conducts international research with Universities abroad including the following;

1. Oral chemotherapy in seropositive patients with Non - Hodgkin's lymphoma in collaboration with Ohio Upstate University in USA.

2. D43 - Capacity building in HIV malignancies and specifically in therapeutic drug trials in these malignancies, in collaboration with the universities of Ohio, Sunny state and West Virginia.

3. Kenya Wilm's Tumor Study on the genetic variations between Africans and Caucasians in collaboration with University of Vanderbilt.

4. The Characterization and Treatment of African Burkitt's Lymphoma, a multi centered study involving Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria in developing a new treatment protocol for burkitt's lymphoma in collaboration with International Network for Cancer and Research in Belgium.