A thematic unit in the department of Human Pathology, College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi. It started in 1989 as a department and was reverted to a thematic unit again in 2005. It's core functions are Teaching, Research and Income Generating Activities. The department has been Chaired by the Late Prof. Edward Kasili,

The Late Prof. Edward Kasili was instrumental in establishing 4 major milestones:

1. Established the discipline of paediatric oncology in the country and the East African region.

2. The hospice for palliative care and management of patients with advance malignancies, which has now evolved and has branches in all provincial hospitals in the country.

3. Comprehensive care for people living with Haemophilia in the whole country.

4. After his demise the family donated his books, journals and publication to the unit and thus the establishment of the Late Prof. Edward Kasili Haematology Library.

The previous unit heads are as follows;

Dr. Jane Mwangi

Dr. Jessie Githang'a

Prof. Walter Mwanda