CORE FUNCTIONS -immunology unit


Immunology unit is involved in teaching, research, and clinical diagnostic service provision.

  1. Teaching

Immunology contributes to the teaching of undergraduate program at several levels and at the graduate level, we organize and teach courses in many postgraduate disciplines, as outlined below.

3.1.1. Undergraduate                                                    Hours

MBChB:                          Level II                                           45 

                                      Level III                                           22

BDS:                              Level II                                            45

BSc N:                           Level II                                            45

BSc N (Up-grading)                                                               45

BPHARM:                       Level II                                           45 

                     Level III                                            6



                      MSc in Microbiology                                      130

MMED in Human Pathology:          Part I                                80

                                                   Part II              259                               

MMED Internal medicine/Pediatric                                      20

MMED in Surgery/ MDS                                                   40

MSc TID                                                                           90

MSc Clinical Chemistry                                                    60


Total student contact hours                                          887