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From: 31st December 2009
To: 30th December 2016


Immunology unit has it's origin from the laboratory of immunology which was one of the laboratories created in 1969 within the department of Human Pathology. In 1972, the laboratory became a WHO Immunology Research and Training Center providing teaching and research for the African region. In 1979 the center was handed over to the University of Nairobi, and it became a section of immunology in the Department of Pathology. The Unit of immunology has currently an academic status within the college of Health Sciences.

Today's Unit of immunology, as in the past is dedicated to excellence in teaching, provision of clinical diagnostic services and research. As a laboratory we provide a central focus for both clinical research and diagnostic services within the country. This Mission is refleced by the presence of the state of the art laboratory equipment such as BD Facscalibur and MX3000P real time PCR and Human Elisa Reader for Elisa.

Using these equipments plus competent laboratory staff we offer immunological and molecular diagnostic such as:

  • Auto immune tests
  • HIV tests (Diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring)
  • Viral serology
  • Tumor markers
  • Molecular biology PCR


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