Past Research Projects in Human Pathology

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Past Projects

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Morphology And Molecular Profiling Of Aggressive B - Cell Lymphoma Associated With Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Human Herpes Virus Type 8 And Epstein Barr Virus (p255/07/2010)

Prof. Leoncini (Department of Human pathology and Oncology,University of Siena, Italy), in collaboration with Prof. Naresh Kikerri, Anatomical Pathology, Hammersmith Hospital campus at the Imperial college, Prof. Leona ayers, Professor in Clinical Pathology and Head of ACSR, Ohio State University, Prof. Ian Magrath (INCTR, Brussels, Belgium), Dr. Emily A. Rogena, Senior Lecturer, Anatomic Pathology, Thematic Unit, Department of Human Pathology, Dr. David Chumba, Lecturer, Department of Human Pathology, Moi teaching and referral Hospital.

2010 2012 View Details
Aetiology And Management Of Infertility In Kenya

Prof. C. Kigondu and Dr. M. Machoki

2006 View Details
Hepatocellular Carcinoma And Aflatoxin Association

Dr.Okemwa (PI)

2006 10,000 View Details
Antiretroviral Drug Treatment Failure Among Hiv Infected Persons In Nairobi.

Prof. Orinda

2005 View Details
Oral Chemotheraphy In Aids Related Nhl In Uganda And Kenya

Western Cape Reserve University
Dr. Mwanda O. W. (PI)

2004 46,768 View Details
The Role Of Exogenous Sex Hormones (steroids)

Dr. Christopher Gontier

2003 View Details
Transfusion Associated Malaria


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Multiparametric Aspects Of Sickle Cell Disease


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Current Research And Study Projects:
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Effect Of Haart In Malnourished Hiv-1 Infected Children ( Proposal Being Developed)
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Biochemical Markers In Heart Disease - Phd Project.
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Antiretroviral Drug Treatment Failure Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Persons


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Infertility Management
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Environment Biochemistry View Details
Research Activities View Details
Endocrinology View Details
Immunology Staff Problem - Oriented Research
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The Treatment And Characterization Of Burkitt's Lymphoma In Africa

International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research - Belgium

Dr. Jessie N. Githanga

View Details
Cytogenetic Abnormalities Seen At K.n.h.

Dr. J. N. Githanga

View Details
Hepophilia Carcinoma And Chronic Exposure To Aflatoxins In Dr. P. M. Okemwa, CDC View Details
Oral Chemotherapy In Hiv Related Lymphomas


View Details
Multiparametric Aspect Of Sickle Cell Disease


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Eradication Of Malaria In Mfangano Island Of Nyanza Province DR. O.W. MWANDA View Details