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Professional development in Health Sciences

On Friday, March 1, 2024, Dr. Francis Wanyama have a lecture at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Chuka University. It was organized by the Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences department as a public lecture and career talk. The students were treated to an engaging discourse on career prospects and professional development in the field. Prof. Kamweru the Dean, stressed the university’s commitment to preparing graduates for the job market and fostering cross-disciplinary research collaborations. Dr.

Apply for the Nairobi Innovation week- Faculty Hackathon

Are you passionate about innovation and developing ideas to solve society's greatest challenges? In preparation for The Nairobi Innovation Week 2024, register to participate in the Faculties-based Hackathons and learn how to innovate!

 The goal is to prepare students and staff to be job creators instead of job seekers. The top three winning ideas from each of the Faculties Hackathons will get a chance to participate in the final Nairobi Innovation Week competition in 2024.

 Thematic Areas:



·Affordable housing

Examination Period in the Department

The undergraduate and postgraduate students in the department have been undertaking their examinations in the department. This was scheduled with the MLST students starting their examination on 12th February 2024 to the Postgraduate students who will start on 26th February 2024. 

All the best to the students.

FHS Inaugural Cultural Week

The Faculty of Health Science (FHS) invited staff and students to the Inaugural Cultural Week and Prom Event which was scheduled from 12th to 17th February 2024. The aim of the event was to celebrate and appreciate the diverse cultures within our community through creative expressions of art as well as cultural awareness.


The event was a white coat ceremony for the first years, Medical Laboratory Science programme. A white coat ceremony is a 'ritual’ in the Faculty of Health Sciences that marks students transitioning from high school to joining a noble medical course.It also serves as an official induction to the faculty and to the programme.

This was our first ever white coat ceremony for the MLST first years to be held since the course was initiated inUON.This was funded by the students, well - wishers ,sponsors and the Department of Human pathology.

UoN/Charite Exchange program Alumni at the World Health Summit

The World Health Summit is a global health conference and network that brings together stakeholders from around the world to set the agenda for a healthier future by inspiring innovative solutions for better health and well-being for all.

This year, the event took place in Berlin, Germany and online on 15th to 17th October 2023 under the theme "A Defining Year for Global Health Action".

Two UoN/Charite Exchange program alumni, Victor Mutua and Keisha Ouma attended the summit in Berlin under the Global Heart exchange program 

MLST student awarded Best Presenter Student Research

Congratulations to Beverly Odhiambo, an Medical Laboratory Science and Technology (MLST) outgoing student for carrying the flag of the department high. Beverly was awarded a certificate of award for being the best presenter (student research) in AKMLSO Conference in Mombasa which took place from 10th-13th October 2023

Her research was on Anaplasma detection by PCR-High Resolution Melting using donkey and zebra samples at the Kenya Wildlife Services, 2022 which was supervised by Prof. Nyagol.