Lecture on developments in diagnosis of Lymphoma

On Wednesday, 14th February 2024, the brilliant Prof Lorenzo Leoncini from Department of Medical Biotechnology, University of Siena gave an informative lecture on Lymphoma with comparison between the two classified proposals.

Prof Lorenzo was introduced by the Department Chairman, Dr. Peter Maturi and the session was moderated by Prof. Joshua Nyagol.

Training on Haemophilia at the Department

Kenya Haemophilia Association team lead by Dr Peter Kibet held a one week training from 27th November to 5th December 2023 on treatment, management and diagnosis of Haemophilia at the Department of Human Pathology. The trainees were a 3 Doctors, 4 Nurse and 2 Physiotherapists from Kitui County Referral Hospital and Hola County Referral Hospital.

A courtesy visit from a Haematopathologist from University of Manchester

Dr Richard Byers, Haematopathologist from the University of Manchester paid a courtesy visit to the Department of Pathology staff and registrars on Thursday, 18th May 2023, at 2pm. The visit included discussion on areas of collaboration, among other things.

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Dr Maturi speaks at the Blood Transfusion Symposium Series

On Friday, 24th February 2023, Dr. Peter Maturi was among the speakers on the ongoing online Blood Transfusion Symposium Series titled Scope, importance of Haemovigilance, impact/benefits of Haemovigilance, reporting tools, adverse events reporting, facility transfusion committees. 

The webinar was an introduction to Haemovigilance in reengineering services for universal health coverage. 

Prof Robert Lewis gives a talk on Blood Group Genotyping

Gene type is the complete heritable genetic identity. That is the sum total of genes transmitted from parent to offspring. There are four hemoglobin genotypes in human beings: AA, AS, SS and AC (uncommon)

Prof Robert Flower Lewis, a visiting professor from Queensland University gave a talk on Blood Group Genotyping to members of the department, KNH Hematology staff and postgraduate students on Thursday, 29th September 2022 at Lecture Theatre 1. 

Dr Kibet talks on Crisis in the Blood bank on Spice FM

Blood is an important element in the human body and lack of it, bring problems to one's health. Dr Peter Kibet was interviewed on Spice FM on the situation room show on the crisis that Kenya is experiencing in the Blood bank. He explained the shortage of blood in the country and what needs to be done. 

On an another interview with NTV Kenya, Dr Kibet talks on Anaemia on the Health Diary show and explains what happens to the red blood cell when one is anaemic and treatment. 

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Prof Mwanda speaks on shortage of hematologists in Africa on News Medical Life science

As University of Nairobi celebrates 50 years of training medical doctors and specialist, there is concern on the shortage of hematologist in Africa which needs urgent action.

Speaking to News Medical Life science, Prof Mwanda, mentions that the situation can be improved by stating the pathways of becoming a clinical hematologist, what work is involved and upward movement.

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